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Therapy can offer support and help for those who are dealing with a big life change. Therapy can also help with specific issues, such as panic attacks or low self-esteem, which are proving difficult to overcome. Regardless of whether you are coming at a time of crisis, or are looking to explore who you are in times of calmness, therapy can help you to sees things in a way that is more conducive for you. Those who have therapy can begin to feel more confident and self-assured about themselves, their decisions, and their relationships. Old patterns of living can be broken, and new ones can be welcomed and put into action.

Whether you have current issues you want to explore, or difficulties going back into the past that you want to come to terms with, I can help guide, support and offer strategies to help you gain the resilience needed to move on. 

As I work integratively from a number of theoretical stances, I can easily tailor my approach and theoretical framework to fit your needs.

Issues I cover include:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • low self-esteem

  • stress

  • low self-confidence

  • trauma

  • work related issues

  • relationship issues

  • bereavement

  • experience of domestic abuse

  • communication issues

  • help going through a transition

  • building resilience and effective coping skills

  • changing patterns of behaviour

I see adult clients individually for short and long-term therapy.

Each session is 50 minutes and usually on a weekly basis.

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