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Older Adult Therapy

Becoming an older adult can be fraught with difficulties. You may have just retired, suffered the loss of your partner, or had to adjust to new circumstances. You may have unresolved issues from the past that have come to the forefront and need to be addressed. All of these issues can be hard to deal with.

Having worked with older adults in the NHS and through my private practice, I am here to help guide you through these transitions and help you gain confidence, resilience and more motivation to move forward.

Here are the issues I cover:



Handling transitions - i.e. retirement

Taking on new roles - i.e. becoming a carer

Loss of independence


Death anxiety

Managing uncertainty


Building resilience



Finding meaning

Handling the loss of quality of life

Managing changed relationships

I am a psychologist who offers individual psychotherapy sessions.


Sessions are 50 minutes usually on a weekly basis. They can be done face to face, or if easier on Zoom or on the phone.

Please note I do not work with people with dementia, health issues which need specialised health psychology input, or help with pain management.

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