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Dr Helena Belgrave

Counselling Psychologist


Adult Therapy

Are you struggling at the moment? Or have a long-term issue? I can help with either.



If you are pregnant, a new mom or have suffered loss, please get in touch if you need help. Don't suffer in silence. 



Are you having difficulties with conceiving? I can help support you through this process.


Older Adult

Are you getting older and not not handling it well, or finding it hard to adjust to changes. Please get in touch.  

Therapy Sessions

My Approach

I look to create an environment which enables the client to feel comfortable enough to explore their issues openly. I see therapy as teamwork, where my role is to listen, guide and comment on what the client brings to help open up new possibilities or ways of seeing things.  The interactions between myself and the client are also explored to help build awareness of certain patterns of behaviour or actions. As my approach is client based, the client can decide on the length of time they wish to continue therapy and the types of issues that they want to discuss.

About me

I am a counselling psychologist who holds a doctorate in counselling psychology, with chartered psychologist status with the British Psychological Society, and registration with the Health and Care Professions Council.

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Getting Help

It can be hard to start the process to get help. However, once you have started down this route, and feel you would like to see me, please get in touch. I will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange an initial assessment, or a phone discussion if you have questions or are unsure.

Below are some of the key areas I can help with:









Managing Transitions


Relationship Patterns


I will be forever grateful for Helena's support, expertise and professionalism in helping me find the strength to have another baby. Having suffered PTSD after a traumatic first birth experience I never thought I would recover mentally and face childbirth and being a mother again. Helena's sessions enabled me to find my strength, positivity and confidence and above all feel myself again. Without her support I would never have experienced the joy of holding my newborn and being a mother again.  Her calm, understanding manner and her structured sessions in which we explored various coping strategies provided me with all the tools to climb the biggest and hardest mountain of my life journey so far and fulfill my dreams of completing my family. I cannot recommend Helena's services highly enough - how do you thank someone who changed your life for the better? Thank you so much.

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